Our origins

The Stellenbosch Trail Fund (STF) is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) entirely funded by donations from local trail users and corporate sponsors. Since 2011, our aim has been to create, improve and maintain hiking, biking and running trails in and around Greater Stellenbosch. Over 50 km of trails have been built and maintained in the last six years.

Our origins as a community organisation, managed and coordinated by local volunteers who care deeply about their town and its inhabitants, have led naturally to the expansion of our activities – for example, into stewardship of a 4,5km section of the Eerste River under the Stellenbosch Municipality’s Stellenbosch River Stewardship Action. We have also opened our trail guide academy and are presently equipping our guides with the qualifications and skills that they need to create their own economic opportunities from our world class natural resources.

Our values

Our core values are that of stewardship, community and inclusivity.

Stewardship is the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. We are blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and we want to be responsible stewards of the natural resources entrusted to all of us.

Effective stewardship is impossible without the support of the community. We acknowledge the donations and support of the private and corporate community of Stellenbosch who make our projects possible. However, we also acknowledge the impact of our past and the additional effort that is required to promote both economic and recreational access to our shared natural resources by all our local communities.

We value inclusivity in all its aspects and strive to work in partnership with all stakeholders and other local NPOs and for the benefit of all trail users, wherever they are resident in the Greater Stellenbosch area.

Our vision

Our vision is that the Stellenbosch Trail Fund will continue to expand its role in developing both the “bicycle” and “green” economies of Greater Stellenbosch, while helping to create and manage a seamless network of walking, hiking and bicycle trails that runs through the heart of our town - extending from Jonkershoek to Spier and from Coetzenburg to Paradyskloof.