Race Information

EVENT DATE:22 October 2017
START VENUE:Ou Landbousaal, Stellenbosch
ORGANIZERS:Amoija Events

Route & Logistics

This a 7km trail run which follows the Eerste River in the middle of historic Stellenbosch and which showcases the tracks that we have created next to and around the River. Suitable for the whole family and those who don’t mind getting their feet wet, this relatively flat course has an easy option for families and walkers and a more challenging section for the adventurous.

Although it does vary from year to year, we typically stage the River Run on or around Heritage weekend to align with the E’Bosch celebrations. The route also varies from year to year but generally begins at the historic Ou Landbousaal and follows the banks of the Eerste River through Koloniesland and crosses the river at the equally historic Mostertsdrift before looping back. The River Run is a free family fun run that is suitable for all ages and stages of fitness and we look forward to seeing all our supporters and their families there in coming years – it’s a great way to enjoy our trails and celebrate our environmental and cultural heritage with your kids!

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