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Stellenbosch has a fast growing amount of cyclists and runners on the trails every day.  In the last 5 years we have become the destination for European athletes to train in their winter season.  Thus we have the opportunity to not only show off our trails,  town and our country, but also to show off our hospitality.


To keep our trails up to speed and to do the proper maintenance on them we do need a bit of money.   G-Spot in Dalsig has been built mostly by individual donations and the goodwill of Mark Gordon.  Further maintenance is essential though and needed in our wet seasons when the trails can wash away.


To make sure our trails stay the high quality that they currently are we need your help.  Please donate to us by leaving some money in our donations tins at BMT, Ride-In, Flandria, Masons, Outdoor Escape or Cave-man Cafe.


You can also support us by paying any donations into our account.  Please make sure you contact us so that we can drop you a shout out.  Alternatively you can use your Zapper account to make a once off or monthly donation.


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