Founding director Dr Richard de Villiers is a lifelong resident of Stellenbosch and a keen outdoorsman and triathlete. His interest in our local trails began when his natural tendency to action aligned with the objectives of other local mountain bikers and they resolved to upgrade the trails in Jonkershoek Nature Reserve after these were devastated by fire in 2011.

The success of this initiative made it apparent that there was a role for local residents, who are passionate about the unique outdoor recreational opportunities that Stellenbosch offers, to contribute further to the maintenance and improvement of the trails in the Greater Stellenbosch area and so the Stellenbosch Trail Fund was born.

The daily management of the STF’s projects and activities is currently overseen by a small team of unpaid volunteers and augmented by the efforts of our paid workers and guides. The STF generally does not use portfolios as an organising principle and most major projects are a group effort. However, in broad outline our backgrounds and areas of daily management involvement are as follows:

STF Directors

Richard de Villiers is a Musculoskeletal radiologist at Winelands Radiology where he specialises in orthopaedic and sports injury imaging. He is primarily involved in the ongoing activities of the STF on the trails and the river.
Holden Marshall is a semi-retired property developer who is active in fundraising and events.
Theunis Stofberg, a professional photographer and lecturer in photography, is involved in all aspects of trail maintenance and management. He is also our web and media manager and a facilitator for our Trail Guide Academy.
Mandy Poole has previously practised commercial, tax and environmental law and in additional to legal matters, manages our communications and the Trail Guide Academy.
Rose Jordaan, local wine maker and architect is involved in all the trails on the Banhoek Conservancy and supports us in fundraising and many of our events, such as the annual Bartinney2Bartinney Trail Run and the Winter Wine & Information Evening.
Henry Whitehead is a partner in local accounting firm Smith & Associates Inc and we are fortunate to have his service s in the areas of company secretarial, financial & accounting.
Mari-Louise de Villiers worked as an MRI radiographer in private practice , applications specialist and at the University of Stellenbosch CUBIC MRI research centre. She is responsible for the financial and administration needs of the STF.

Other members of the team who are not involved on a day-to-day basis are Dr Willem van der Westhuyzen, a medical doctor whose primary involvement is the cleaning and rehabilitation of the Eerste River and Mike Ehret, a Group Executive with Novus Holdings and one of the founding directors of the STF.

STF River Staff

Our day-to-day work on the trails and rivers is made possible by our River & Trail Works team, which is headed up by Simlindile Gomedi. He is assisted by Humphrey Longwe, Jickson Tawakali, Lexson Michael and Tozamile Mfazwe.