Once their training is complete, our guides will be qualified Generic Adventure Site Guides (TG/ADVSITEGD/4/0080) as accredited by CATHSSETA, which is a qualification on the NQF4 level. One of the requirements for the GASG qualification is that our guides complete First Aid training up to Level 3. After qualification, they will also be registered as tourist guides with the Department of Tourism.

The main elements of the training programme are as follows:
A. Gain fitness and experience on mountain bikes, learn bike handling and bike mechanic skills and get to know the local Stellenbosch trails.
B. Go through the course material and attend facilitated training of at least 30 hours for First Aid qualification.
C. Go through GASG course material and attend facilitated training of at least five days.
D. Attend a computer skills course.
E. Attend classes both indoors and on the trails to learn basic nature conservation and plant and animal identification.

At the end of the course, which lasts between three and six months depending on the time commitment, the candidates complete a final assessment process of one to two days in which they are required to demonstrate practical skills such in areas of competence such as first aid and bike repair and maintenance. They are also required to demonstrate practical guiding skills by leading their assessor on the trails as part of a tour group.