We are currently building and maintaining a large amount of traisl in and around Stellenbosch.  Our newest accomplishment has been the building of the Koloniesland Trails.  This was a joint project between the Univiersity of Stellenbosch, the Stellenbosch Municipality, the Stellenbosch Trail Fund and local residents.


We are furthermore busy building all kinds of new trails. Maintenance on all trails are constant and G-Spot has had several facelifts in the last year.



















Mark Gordon has added a new line at G-Spot and you can see him talk about it in the video below.  Further work on creating new trails are also happening weekly so keep an eye out for our people.






















Note to Cyclists:

In the last few years mountain biking has overtaken rugby as the main source for serious sports injuries.  Several people have broken bones on our trails and even a few necks.  Please make sure you are not part of the statistic.  Make sure you cycle within your skill level.  If you have not done some of the technical training courses available dont try the jumps.


The routes are not for the exclusive use of cyclists.  Just as you expect cars on the road to be mindful of you, be mindful of the runners, hikers who are on the trails with their children and or dogs.  Slow down, make some noise so that they know you are coming. Your Strava personal record is not important enough to risk breaking a bone or hurting a child.


Please follow the guidelines from the different trails.  Always wear a helmet.


Note to Hikers and Runners:

Check your six on the downhills.  The cyclists will come up on you fast.  Make sure you keep an eye and an ear open for them.  Keep your dogs under control.  Not all areas require your dog to be a on a leash but make sure your dog is under control when the cyclist approaches.  Don't gloat when you pass the cyclists on the tricky and rocky uphill bits. They don't enjoy it.

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Work In Progress


© Theunis Stofberg