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Our trailguides are always on the job, always on the trail.


The big berms G-Spot is some of the best trail riding in the country

STF Auction

Our annual STF Auction is a great even to have some drinks and share some trail stories

Numerous trails

The numerous trails on in our system are always well populated on any given saturday morning.

The Caveman’s Sixpack

The Caveman’s Sixpack in Eden will give that essential |(but brief) airtime you need in your ride

Eden Forest’s

Eden Forest’s trees gives many a rider that break from the sun and the heat on a hot summers day

Four legged furry friends

All our trails are open for your four legged furry friends


One of our guides can show those of you not acquainted with our trails the roads less travelled

Our guides

Our guides doing their three weekly inspection of the trails and their conditions.

Eden Forest

Eden Forest is the perfect place for some relief from the summer sun.

Early morning run

An early morning run is the pefect way to see the sun rise.

Annual Bartinney 2 Bartinney

The Annual Bartinney 2 Bartinney might just be the perfect race.

Hiking spot

Eden forest is the perfect hiking spot to get away from the summer heat.

River clean up team

Our river clean up team is always busy cleaning up the all the rubble and waste left behind by careless individuals.

River Run

One of our directors Richard starting off the River Run on the back of our LandRover courtesy of Landrover Stellenbosch.