Donate A Tree

Donate A Tree

The commemorative tree planting is an STF initiative which normally takes place during the months of July and August each year.

We only plant genetic indigenous species from the Stellenbosch basin, and not from foreign, private or exotic trees,

We planted over 30 trees in the 2023 season, you may book your spot for the 2024 season now.

The cost for 2024 will be R 9,900, which includes:

  • An indigenous tree
  • Planting and caring of the tree. The tree will be replaced free of charge should it not survive the first 24 months
  • The securing of and erecting of a plaque bearing the name of the tree and the desired commemorative message

Please note that Koloniesland, which has received many new plantings since the initiative began several years ago may not be available.

Suitable alternate locations along the Eerste River will be identified and made available each year.

For more info, please email us on, or click on the Plant a Tree link to get started.


To get started, please click on the link below